Sep 27 , 2019

What to Know About Google Home Phone Calls

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If you own a Google Home, why are you still calling people on your phone? Google has made it incredibly simple to make a call without moving from you couch. Calling your mother takes no more effort than saying, “Hey, Google, Call Mom.” Syncing your contacts with your Google account can be tricky (see Who Can I Call with Google Home Phone Calls below), but once you get through that process, making calls through your Google Home is cake.

It is important with all Google Home tasks that you be comfortable with the Google Home App. Read our application cheat sheet right here.

How Do I Set Up Google Home Phone Calls?

Setting up Google Home Phone Calls is easy and you may have already set up your phone number without knowing it. Go through the steps below to make sure the correct number is associated with your account. After you follow the steps below, you should test the system. During your test call, Google gives you a reminder that emergency calls don’t work. Below are the steps to inputting your phone number:

Open Google Home App > Setting > More Settings > Services > Voice and Video calls > Mobile calling > Input your number and click verify.

Once you verify your phone number, you can start making calls from your Google Home.

Who Can I Call with Google Home Phone Calls?

You can call US or Canada phone numbers from a US or Canada number and UK phone numbers from a UK number. But it is not limited to the people in your Google contacts, you can call every number you can find on Google. For example: If you search for your favorite pizza place on Google and their number comes up, then you can call them through your Google Home.

Getting all of your contacts into Google contacts is a more complicated:

For Android Devices: Open the Google Home app, go to account (profile icon). Then, go to Settings > Accounts & Privacy > Google activity controls > Device information and turn it on. Allow a few hours for the contacts to sync.

For iOS Devices: Open the Google Home app, go to account (profile icon) > More settings. Here, click the three dots in the upper right corner and choose Activity Controls. Scroll down to Device Information, and make sure it’s enabled. Back out of that screen and go to Services > Voice and Video calls. Under Contacts Upload, tap Upload Now. Allow a few hours for the contacts to sync.

How is the Call Quality on Google Home Phone Calls?

You may think that calls coming out of a speaker are not going to sound well, but you would be surprised. Even when we tested calling from one Google Home Mini to another, the call quality did not suffer. I will not lie to you and say that it is perfectly crisp but it does an adequate job.

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