Oct 02 , 2019

Why You Should Mark Walk and Driveway Perimeters Before it Snows

Snow blow driveway winterization

Get Your Property Ready for Snow Before it Snows

Before the snow flies, take a few minutes to inspect your property. Remove rocks, dog tie-out cable, extension cords, holiday light cords and garden hoses.

Then stake out paths that run near gardens so you don’t accidentally suck up rocks and garden edging.

Check out these snow blowing tips that make snow removal quick and easy. Some of these tips you’ll want to do before you’re buried in snow.

Mark Out Your Driveway and Walkways

Mark your walk and driveway perimeters by pounding in driveway markers. If the ground is frozen, just drill a hole using a masonry bit and your battery-powered drill.

Driveway-Marker drill frozen ground

Staking out along the curb is also helpful for protecting your lawn because snow plow operators have no reference point to tell where the roadway ends and your lawn edge begins. Your lawn and every other thing hidden by snow are at risk of being struck by the plow blade. However, you can easily avoid this costly damage by staking your lawn with driveway markers for the winter.

Set aside some time now to complete these simple fall maintenance tasks so you can rest easy, knowing you’re prepared.

Protect the A/C Compressor or Risk Damage From a Falling Icicle

There’s no reason to wrap your entire air conditioner for the winter, and many manufacturers advise against it because it can invite rodents and cause condensation, which can lead to early corrosion.

winterize ac unit with plywood protector

But it’s not a bad idea to set a piece of plywood on top of the unit to protect it from falling icicles. And see our maintenance guide to learn how to clean your air conditioners in the spring.

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