Oct 12 , 2018

Winter Driving: How to Survive a Car Breakdown


Car breakdown?

If you’re stranded in a car and can’t drive further, don’t get out. Call for help if you can. Run the engine occasionally for warmth, but keep a window open. Be sure the exhaust pipe isn’t blocked by snow. Follow these 10 best practices for winter driving to avoid dangers.

Run out of gas?

If the car runs out of gas, keep all the windows shut. Stay on the lookout for help. Adding a winter survival kit to your car is a smart idea, here’s what you need.

Stuck for a while?

Exercise or move your arms and legs for warmth and keep yourself awake. Don’t go to sleep under any circumstances. Get your car ready for winter with these five easy tasks.

Caught outside?

If you’re caught outside while on foot, head to the nearest shelter. Tie a scarf over your nose and mouth to protect your ears and face and to prevent suffocation from the wind and snow. Here’s a super simple way to gain traction in snowy conditions.

Can’t see ahead of you?

If the snow is so bad it impairs sight, try to follow a fence or ruts in the road. Check out these 14 tips that can prepare your car for winter.

Plus: Add these 20 really cool tech products for your car today.

You’d better have good tire tread for the winter. Here’s a short video on how to find out if your tire tread is in good shape.

The Family HandymanHow to Measure Tire Tread The Family Handyman automotive expert, Rick Muscoplat, will show you how to measure tire tread on your vehicle so you'll know when you need to replace your tires. If it's time to buy new tires, then you'll need to know these tips on how to buy tires. Once you get those new tires on the rims, you'll want to know how to make your tires last.

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