Nov 12 , 2019

Winter Heath Blooms Long Before Spring Arrives

winter flowering heather

All About Winter Heaths

Just because the temperature drops off, it doesn’t mean your landscaping has to follow suit. The winter heath blooms in the winter and still boasts texture and hints of color, even during those cold, dreary days.

This pretty flower is one of the first to bloom even while there’s still snow on the ground and it helps early pollinators like butterflies. The scientific name for this flower is Erica Carnea and it is best suited for climate zones 5 to 7.

Even the anti-green thumb can handle one of these easy-to-grow indoor plants.

Caring Instructions

Through most of winter and into early spring, this reliable, low-growing plant puts on an attractive show of small, urn-shaped purple-pink flowers. Winter heaths are evergreen sub-shrubs and acidic soil is a must to grow these flowers.

Grow these plants in full sun in the North for best performance. These small shrubs grow best in a moist but well-drained ground that has an acidic soil pH. Shear this plant after it flowers. Luckily, winter heaths are very forgiving when it comes to being pruned.

Patience is a virtue. For living proof, plant any of these bulbs in fall, then wait a few months and enjoy them in spring—or even late winter!

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