Oct 24 , 2018

Yes, Alexa Can Even Power Your Microwave (You Still Have to Chew, Though)


Amazon has revolutionized the online retail scene, and its introduction into smart home products has proved successful. Now, the company continues their goal toward world domination with its $60 Alexa-powered microwave with a Dash button for popcorn.

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The microwave oven is the first kitchen appliance from the company, and will be sold under the AmazonBasics line. Shipping begins November 14th — just in time for all the busy cooking and kitchen mayhem that the holidays bring.

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The smart device will feature voice-activated presets, allowing you to order the appliance to heat up different types of food, like frozen vegetables or popcorn, and other cooking needs, like a one-minute heat-up. There’s also a built-in Alexa button on the device, which you can press if you don’t want to say “Alexa” or “microwave,” but rather speak the cook time or preset you prefer directly. You will need an Echo device nearby to make it work.

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Other notable features of this microwave include commands like “reheat coffee” which will fire up the microwave automatically; “Stop” to stop the microwave at any time; and add time by saying “add 30 seconds.”

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There’s also an integrated Dash replenishment service, which currently works for popcorn. Essentially, you pick your choice of popcorn on Amazon, and as you go through your supply, it automatically figures out you’re running low and will re-order a new batch automatically!

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