Feb 01 , 2020

10 Simple Steps to Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Home projects are a never-ending chore list, especially as trends change over time. If you have a smaller kitchen but wish it felt larger, don’t pick up your sledgehammer just yet.  Maximize the space you have by thinking outside the box. Stretch your kitchen without knocking down walls; check out your recommendations and tips for making your small kitchen look and feel more spacious.

  • White Paint Makes All The Difference. White paint reflects light and can make your kitchen space look open and airy. The use of lighter tones creates the illusion of endless space. If you live in a smaller apartment or just have a small kitchen, adding white to your kitchen is an easy option to make your kitchen appear larger.
  • Light Up The Room. Dark lighting makes the room feel gloomy and small. Installing light fixtures above or below cabinets will make the room appear brighter and larger. You may also consider removing any curtains or completely replace them with sheer curtains to allow natural light in.
  • Eliminate The Clutter. Excess kitchen supplies and appliances will only make your space feel smaller and also take up valuable counter space. If your appliances are old and bulky, consider replacing them with smaller energy-efficient models. Go through all your cabinets and remove old food containers and extra utensils, basically get rid of anything without a needed purpose. You can also minimize the visual clutter by parting ways with decorative sign pieces and décor.
  • Open Shelving ~ Convenient and Stylish. Consider open shelving for an airy and charming look. The open shelving trend has been around for years and while it is certainly not for everyone it is a great option if you enjoy fresh and modern vibes. The idea of open shelving can be intimidating, having all of your dishes on display. Here’s a tip: if you wouldn’t want it on display, ask yourself if you really need it all!

Not much of a do-it-yourself person? Find a local handyman near you to help with your home improvement needs. Give House Doctors a call at 888-HOUSEDOC to be connected to one of our friendly home improvement professionals.

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