Jun 26 , 2014

HS017 – Grow Your Handyman Business With Chuck Solomon

In this episode of the Handyman Startup Podcast I’ve got a special guest – Chuck Solomon.  Chuck is a former handyman business owner, an author of multiple books, and a business consultant.

He’s literally written the book on how to start and grow a handyman business.  (See resources below for a link.)  He’s also just an all around nice guy who’s looking to help tradesmen like you grow your business.

Just like most handymen, Chuck kind of fell into the business and before he knew it had a list of customers asking him to do all kinds of work.  He capitalized on the opportunity, offered excellent service, and soon enough he was running a successful biz.

After 10 years, Chuck decided to hang his hat and sell his business and became a consultant.  He’s now using the valuable knowledge he gained during his own journey to help others.

Back in episode #10, Jim Copenhaver talks about the importance of mentors.  Chuck was one of the mentor’s he was speaking of who helped him build his business.

Talking to Chuck in this episode is very humbling as it makes me realize that there is still a lot I can learn about this business.

Here are a few things we cover in this episode:

  • Why you shouldn’t give free quotes and what to do instead.
  • How to build instant credibility with customers.
  • Who you should hire first if you’re looking to grow.
  • How to find and hire skilled labor step by step.
  • How to qualify customers and avoid tire kickers before they waste your time.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

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