Jul 25 , 2014

HS018 – Interview With Ed Padilla: Home Inspector, Handyman, and Founder of ACHP

In this episode of the Handyman Startup Podcast, I sit down with Ed Padilla, founder of ACHP (Association of Certified Handyman Professionals).

Ed has a really interesting story.  After being trapped in the corporate rat race for several years, he realized that he wanted something else.  So, he quit his job and capitalized on the demand he could see present for home repairs.

In 2006 he started Padilla Home Inspection and Handyman Services.  Soon after getting started, he noticed that handymen had a terrible reputation in the eyes of homeowners.  Tired of getting the stink-eye every time he entered a home, he had the urge to change this perspective.

Three years later, he took action and created ACHP, a non-profit, member based organization  to help handymen all over the country appear more reputable to homeowners.  Now, ACHP is growing and offering benefits to it’s members such as great insurance rates.

I’m honored to have Ed on the podcast.  He’s doing great things for the handyman industry and by listening to him you get the sense that he really cares about our industry.

Here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • Where to go for your general liability insurance and what to consider.
  • Insights into the home inspection industry.
  • How to limit liability as a home inspector and handyman business.
  • The importance of confidence when starting your own business.
  • The most important skills you need as a handyman.
  • Quality over quantity.  The benefit of taking your time on your jobs.
  • What is the ACHP and why is it important?

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

  • ACHP website (go here for general liability quotes and more)
  • ACHP LinkedIn Group (Great place to interact with other handymen even if you’re not a member of ACHP)
  • Handyman Web Academy – Learn the best strategies for getting customers. (Now called “Handyman Marketing Machine”)

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