Jun 01 , 2018

Organize Your Home. Organize Your Life.

Junk drawers, scattered shoes, losing you mind? We all get that way some times. We use the excuse that our houses are lived in and not home magazine material. You know what might be missing? Organization. Here are some places that might need some organization in your home.

Junk Drawers

In the last couple years how many times have you used more than three things from your junk drawer? Nine out of ten times, you haven’t! Keep those three things you always use and throw away the rest. Do this for all “junk drawers” in your home. You might be surprised on how much free space you actually have and that tape measure you’ve been looking for but recently bought a new one.

Laundry/Mud Room

Shoes are everywhere and it is always an obstacle course to get through the door to do laundry. Here’s a tip: only keep the shoes out that correlate with each season. If it is winter, store those flip-flops and sandals away in the garage or extra closet. Add a shoes organizer either on the floor by the entrance or on the back of the door. An organizer not only helps clean up but also save time in the morning to grab your shoes and head to work. No more tripping getting to the washer and dryer now!

Get rid of all that paper!

You might not realize it right now but you have a lot of paper lying around your home. This can be from you children, scrape paper and old mail. Get rid of it all. If you have no use for it (which you don’t because it has been used already) throw it out and recycle. You can also use the paper for a summer bonfire.

Create a Drop Zone

A drop zone is where you automatically drop your stuff when you walk into any entrance. Make sure you have drawers and organizers. Dawn Nadeau from goodhousekeeping.com created a drop zone in the closet by the entryway. “I leave four bags and totes there, and I have this amazing ‘go drawer.’ It holds my big wallet, my small wallet, my travel umbrella, my extra phone charger, my six favorite lipsticks — and any other important stuff that would otherwise get strewn all over the place.” This is a great tip to utilize in any home.


Get organized today and let the stress go away. We, at House Doctors, can help with any home repair and improvement you have on your to-do list. With our insured and experience technicians your home will be in great hands. We are just a call away!

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