Apr 11 , 2018

What? Social Media can teach you about Home Trends?

Social media today is becoming more of a tool rather than entertainment. You can instantly know if something is wrong on the other side of the world House Doctorsin two seconds with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. Information is easily shared with everyone no matter where you are. So why not use it to your advantage when trying to figure out trends to style your home?

Instagram is one of these platforms that can help with improving your home. The platform categorizes certain post by hash tags, engagement and when it was posted. It is easy to navigate and you are able to look up trends from home-style profiles and famous interior designers. Also it is a great app to store your photos and easily link up with your Facebook profile.

Facebook is also a nice tool in finding new trends and décor ideas. With hash tags you are able to look up certain categories you might be interested in. Facebook has been a great source for trends since it has been around. If you find a trend you like share it and Facebook will automatically start showing posts on your timeline similar to the one you shared.

You might be asking yourself what are hash tags since it was used a few times in the previous paragraphs. Well, hash tags are constructed with a “#” and a word or phrase (examples: #housedoctors, #handyman). Hash tags are used to categorize pictures, articles and profiles. If you need to look up something specific the easiest way is through a hash tag.

Social media is a tool used by everyone in today’s society. Whether to keep close with loved ones or find out what is in style. Since social media and technology is widely accessible, it can be too much information some times. Take your time and don’t over use the platforms. Social media is great but in moderation.

If you have a project or repair and need an estimate, do not hesitate to visit housedoctors.com to find a location near you. Home improvement just got easier thanks you our professional handyman.

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