16 Borderline Genius Home Improvement Projects That Are Easier Than They Look

Sep 18 , 2019

16 Borderline Genius Home Improvement Projects That Are Easier Than They Look

The weather is finally warming up and that means aspiring gardeners (or experienced ones) are looking to get their hands dirty with some fresh ideas.

1.Switch out your old switch plates for clean, screwless plates that stand out.

2. Paint your white grout black to give your bathroom a cool and on-trend update.

3. Replace your plain door knobs with something a little more decorative.

4. Accent boob lights instead of trying to hide them.

5. Hide the cords and pipes of your laundry machine behind stained wood.

6. Install wainscoting (aka a really tall and beautiful baseboard) to create a feeling of elegance in the dining or living room.

7. Fill a blank wall with a mix of photos and art; plan your gallery wall with paper before you stick nails in the wall.

8. Tack laminate floorboards to the wall to create a farmhouse-style backsplash.

9. Frame your bathroom mirror to give your simple bathroom a little oomph.


10. Convert your recessed lighting to hanging pendants that are trendy AF and cast a brighter glow.

11. Paint a piece of plywood to create a brand new headboard that really pops.

12. Use a criss-crossed trim to give a bare wall a whole lot of style.

13. Remove a dated backsplash with a hammer and putty knife and replace it with stick-on tiles.

14. Re-caulk cracks in your baseboards.

15. Freshen up the paint on a chipped staircase.

16. Make a bulletin board that covers half the wall.

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