Most Common Power Tool Accidents You Need To Avoid

Apr 14 , 2020

Most Common Power Tool Accidents You Need To Avoid

It is a common fact that safety is given the utmost importance in handling power tools. This is because the danger of accidents can happen anytime. There are over a thousand cases of minor and major accidents happening annually with power tools. Some of these cases even result in death. You can help lessen the possibility of being involved in a power tool accident by using each one only for its sole use as indicated by the manufacturer. You must also be aware of their recommendations for the proper safety equipment to use while you are using a specific power tool.

The most common power tool accidents are the ones related to finger injuries. It could be a minor wound and could be worse like having the entire finger cut. Almost 50% of all finger injuries in the United States yearly are due to power tool accidents. The index and the middle finger are the two main finger parts commonly involved in such accidents. The power tool that is commonly involved in these cases is the different kinds of saws. And of these finger accidents, more than half of them happened while using the power tool at home.

Based on the studies of OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a big percentage of power tool accidents happened because the power source is not removed while changing parts on the power tool. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are using the power tool or how fast you can change the part. Drill bits and saw blades are the most common culprits. It only takes a second to unplug the power source. If you are using a cordless power tool, you should remove the battery before you change anything on it. This important safety procedure will save you from an accident.

Next, the cords on power tools pose another danger. Many power tool accidents have been reduced with the use of cordless power tools. If you use any kind of power tool that has a cord, be sure that it is properly secured. Never leave the cord unattended where anybody can trip on it. This could result in possible electrocution,  so make sure your cords properly kempt. Also, take the same precaution with extension cords, Be sure to keep the cords dry and avoid any spillage that could happen on them.

Never think that just because you use the power tool as it should be operated and own the right safety equipment, you are free from accidents. They still can and could catch you off guard. Accidents could result such as tripping, slipping, or falling while holding a power tool. An incident involving a young man who used a staple gun on a ladder with safety equipment lost his balance. He almost died as he fell from the ladder and got injured with long nails in his head.  

To be safe and avoid power tool accidents, keep your workplace secure. Ladders must be kept in place. Don’t work on slippery and unstable areas with a power tool in your hand. Although not all work areas are perfect, use your better judgment. Be alert at all times.

All these precautions are not in any way to scare you, but a safety reminder that power tools can be dangerous and that you should use them properly. This is to promote the safe handling of power tools. Use them responsibly to avoid power tool accidents from happening.

Similarly, makers of power tools are also doing their share to avoid these accidents. They are knowledgeable of the kinds of accidents and injuries that could result from the wrong usage of power tools. They make their products better to help minimize the risk. For a complete listing of safety power tool products, contact your nearest handyman shop. Most of them are open to customer feedback and comments, so if you have any suggestions on making power tools safer, feel free to get in touch with the manufacturer of that specific power tool. 

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