We share 10 solutions to common home problems

Sep 13 , 2019

We share 10 solutions to common home problems

Having family and friends traipse through your home, something is bound to get broken. And over time, houses just become weathered and worn. Whether it’s wear and tear or misuse, there are lots of ways to make home repairs all on your own. No need to spend hundreds of dollars on calling a repair service.

Here are 55 DIY remedies to common home repairs.

These are surprisingly easy to fix! You’ll be surprised at what you can do on your own.

1) Fix Scuffed Floors

Use a tennis ball to buff out scuff and marks on your tile and linoleum floors. You can also place a broom handle through one side of the tennis ball for more leverage.

2) Get Dents Out of the Carpet

Get dents out of your carpet by letting ice melt on top of the divots. You’ll want the full dent to be wet and fairly soaked. Next, blot with a sponge, and flush the fibers with a spoon.

3) Fix a Stuck Lock

Shave a pencil with a pocket knife so that the graphite is poking out and rub it on the inside of the door. Break a piece off inside the lock and place the key inside the lock. This will break up the graphite which will lubricate the lock.

4) Twisted Toilet Tank Chain

Remove the chain in your toilet and place a straw over it to prevent it from endlessly running due to a kinked chain. Problem solved just like that!

5) Rusty Screws

Is there a rusty screw that you just can’t seem to loosen? Pour some vinegar on top of a rusty screw to loosen it. It should come out without any issue.

6) Water Stained Walls or Ceilings

Spray water stains on your ceiling with some bleach and they will disappear. Just add a few tablespoons of bleach into a large spray bottle, spritz, and let dry.

7) Fix a Crack/Hole in the Wall

Mix some baking soda and Crazy Glue and use your mixture to fill in cracks and holes in the wall. It will harden to a plastic-like substance that you can sand or file down. You’ll want to work quickly.

8) Fix a Drawer That Sticks

Do you have a drawer that sticks? Rub a bar of soap on the sides of the drawer to make it pull in and out smoothly. How easy is that?

9) Phillips Screwdriver Replacement

You can use the head of a vegetable peeler as a Phillips screwdriver if yours breaks. Of course, this isn’t a permanent replacement but it certainly works if you’re in a pinch.

10) Driveway Oil Stain

If you have any oil stains in your driveway you can sprinkle kitty litter over the stain and let it sit for 15 minutes. Then step on the kitty litter with your shoe so it is crushed. Scrub with some detergent and wash away.


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