Housmile Wireless Doorbell with Plugin Receiver and Portable Remote Button at 500ft-1000ft Transmitting Distance, No batteries for Receiver


PREMIUM WIRELESS DOORBELL: Housmile wireless doorbell ranges up to 500feet (150M), ensuring that you will never miss a visitor again! And the best part? The volume is adjustable and you can choose among 4 levels from 25db-110db while there are 52 different chime choices! Forget annoying doorbell sounds, now you can have your favorite chime in the volume that you prefer.
HASSLE FREE INSTALLATION: This doorbell kit includes all the tools you need to install your new doorbell in less than 10 minutes! Just plug in the receiver in any electrical outlet (AC), and mount the push button base on the wall with double-sided adhesive tape! For your convenience, you can change the 12V 23A battery that the push button transmitter is powered by, without disassembling the whole system!
SMART LED FLASHING LIGHT: Every time someone pushes the transmitter button, both the transmitter and the wireless receiver will flash a blue light in a middle area. This way, your visitors can know if the bell rang, while you can be notified by the blue light in your indoor receiver even when you are wearing your headphones or even earplugs!